El Cajon PsychologyWelcome to the office of Licensed Psychologist Dr. Chad K. Cox, PsyD (License#PSY23320). It is a courageous step to ask for assistance. Many times in life we can be overwhelmed by our circumstances or feelings. El Cajon Psychology has been created to assist people who are struggling with various situational or emotional difficulties. This office offers psychotherapy to individuals, couples and groups. You may benefit from counseling if you are experiencing some of the following:

Low or depressed mood
High levels of stress or anxiety
Problems with obsessive thinking or compulsive behaviors
Addictive behaviors with alcohol or drugs
Unresolved relational problems

El Cajon Psychology Though many people can be intimidated by the idea of counseling, Dr. Cox strives to create a relaxed and welcoming environment where clients can feel comfortable in addressing difficult issues. In the first session you will have a chance to discuss the issues that you are experiencing and Dr. Cox will help explain the process of counseling and work towards concrete goals for improvement.